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image courtesy of shambhala sun
this weekend i was blessed to spend friday night and saturday with sharon salzberg and sylvia boorstein and was truly enamored. i wanted to share highlights penned into my idea book in hope that you, too, could bask in the inspiration.
– the art of mindfulness is not falling into oneself.
– ask “is this for my benefit and the benefit of those around me?”
– ask “what do i really need right now in order to be happy?”
– our problem is that we want too little.  why is your sense of aspiration so meager? what holds you back?
– most important time of meditation is when you sit down to do it.
– we cannot stop cognition but we can stop the long stories and discursive thoughts in meditation by bringing awareness to the sensations.
– in each moment we experience one of five senses {or the sixth which is the mind} and each is either pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral
– how do you related to the joy and pleasure coming at you?
– pain is transformative.
– email apnea – stop breathing when doing email.
– before meetings, appointments, etc., ask “what do i want to see emerge from this meeting?”
– think “may i meet this moment fully. may i meet it as a friend.”
– remember that everyone is the way they are because they can’t be anyone different. 
– is your mind a terrible neighborhood where you wouldn’t go alone?!
– suffering and the end of suffering does not come from avoiding.
– best kind of generosity comes from a sense of abundance.
– acknowledge what is true and real in your own experience, then work to turn it around.
– remember to always begin again. 
– ask “is my mind clear or not?”
such juicy nuggets. i hope you, too, find a dose of inspiration here. 
oh, and i picked up sharon’s latest book real happiness at work: meditations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace {hmmm, winter online book club pick?}, am loving it, and think you will, too. who doesn’t need a little mindfulness during the working hours? 
wishing you a beautiful and mindful week ahead. bisous. x