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snapped at the airport saturday
the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. 
marcel proust

with many of us basking in the dog days of summer with travel and adventure, i wanted to share a few fave tips for embracing mindfulness while jet-setting. as you probably know, it begins with the breath, incorporates a dose of “go with the flow” coupled with kindness, and topped with a good book to get through those unanticipated delays.

here are my mindful travel tools and tips in no particular order:

* play the observer without judgment. notice what is transpiring in the body. do regular mindful check-ins.
* notice your cravings and aversions. basically the desire for things to be different than they are. see if you can be with what is . . . neutrally.
* connect with your breath. constantly.
* pack your creature comforts. moi = ear plugs, water bottle, eye mask, tea thermos.
* have healthy snacks on hand to avoid getting cranky because your belly is empty. my go-to is raw almonds. i always have a stash in my bag.
* have a plan, but be willing to deviate as needed.
* respond to what happens versus reacting to it.
* bask in self-care. travel is exciting and also takes it’s toll on your system. nurture it like you would a puppy or small child.
* practice kindness and respect toward self, traveling companions, and new cultures.
* tune into your need to explore and your need to rest. listen to your body.
* have routines that offer you a sense of normalcy such as morning tea, afternoon lap, evening legs up the wall.

wishing you and yours safe, mindful, and tranquil travel this summer.

can’t get away? practice these tools in your daily life, too, and watch what transpires. goodness, my friends. true goodness. bisous. x