mindful monday

love notes
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reading while snow falls

bonjour from montreal. loving the snow, francophone culture, and sweet friends.

while reading from dancing with life: buddhist insights for finding meaning and joy in the face of suffering this weekend, i came across this insightful passage:

“you will quickly notice that the mind is almost always thinking and that much of this thinking is based on the past or future in the form of remembering, planning, fantasizing, and rehearsing. observe each of these. are they pleasant or unpleasant? what happens to them as you turn your attention on them? do they stop or intensify? or do you get lost in them and lose your mindfulness? what underlies your constant planning? is it anxiety? when you bring up a fear or worry over and over again, is it really unpleasant or does it induce a kind of reassurance? what happens if you stop? is the constant worrying really a false assurance? does it actually induce a habit of anxiety? remember to feel your mental processes from within them — the fuzziness and excitement of fantasy, the heaviness of worry and fretting, and the speed of planning. notice what it is and how it then changes.”

ah, the joys (and challenges) of mindfulness. bisous. x