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Bonjour Mindful Monday.

While basking in Sunday’s 2.5-hour Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, there were a few gems I penned into my pink notebook with intentions of sharing with you today.

Here is the list of the takeaways:

* Note your intention for speaking.
* Recognize that you’re not stuck in traffic, you ARE the traffic.
* Most of challenges in communication are what we bring to it.
* Anything you resist is exhausting. In resisting is where suffering happens.
* Denying the experience you’re having is a form of self-violence.
* We get in trouble when we drag stuff from the past into the present moment.
* Button pushers are your best teachers.
* Stop allowing others to be responsible for your life experience.
* Pema Chodron encourages us to speak in the present moment and first tense.
* People misbehave or act out because they don’t feel that they are being seen.

All of these nuggets could be a blog post or even a book. Do any of them resonate with you? I’m fond of the reminder about traffic and button pushers. Ah, beautiful reminders. Again and again.

Wishing you a tranquil and mindful week ahead. Bisous. x

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