mindful monday: anaïs nin inspiration

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ever since jewel’s song with the lyrics, “you can be henry miller and i’ll be anaïs nin, except this time it’ll be even better, we’ll stay together in the end,” i’ve been slightly obsessed with their relationship. actually, this song was my first introduction to them.

curious? there’s a movie henry & june that may intrigue.

during my daily metro commute from virginia into a dc law firm nearly 20 years ago, you’d find me curled up on the vinyl train seats with a copy of anaïs nin diaries. devouring them like a fine wine and dreaming of paris in the 20s and 30s.

while in nyc for the writer’s digest conference last weekend, i came across anaïs nin’s above quote and paused. even texted it to a few friends with a “whoa!” attached. 

ever sense you, too, may be hibernating? sometimes i refer to this stage as germinating. you know, that feeling of something brewing underneath but not quite ready to come to fruition? “restlessness” and “absence of pleasure.” what might awaken you?

in the hotel bar post-conference, i devoured a birthday gift, labyrinth of desire by rosemary sullivan, while sipping my favorite wine, chateau ste. michelle riesling. this also brought about a pause. juicy and well worth the read. she writes, “love is a necessary obsession. but is it another we are searching for, or the missing half of ourselves?”

sharing the anaïs nin quote and labyrinth of desire within “mindful monday” feels apropos. why? questioning whether things feel stuck or safe is necessary. it’s more risky than status quo. is there a place, a person, a book, or a song that beckons you to awaken? 

only you know the answer. bisous. x