nyc, here we come!

love notes
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whew, i think my playing santa is over for a bit. three trips to the post office in the past three days and wrapping of about 40 TranquiliT care packages – i’m ready for some respite from the holiday season. so where do i go but new york? tomorrow morning my assistant and i will board the wifi bus to host a trunk show at jivamukti from 3-8pm (new yorkers – please come see us!). then we board the 11pm chinatown bus home and poor assistant flies to tokyo just a few hours later. no rest for the weary. we exchanged gifts today and she got me the CUTEST children’s book different like coco by elizabeth matthews. god bless being different – especially such an icon.

as i crawl up into the loft (aka “upstairs”), i wanted to jot a quick note to say bonjour! i am hoping to meet my new e-mail pen pal claudia of tomorrow and get a dose of yummy new york yoga while i’m there. oh, and maybe a super cheap mani (can you believe they are $10 there?). so much to do and only a few hours to do it in. god bless new york.

it’s interesting how the world is slowing right now. my e-mails have slowed, there is ample parking on the street, there aren’t as many people walking around – it’s a lovely reminder to sllllooooowww down. i’m absolutely delighted to be spending christmas here with absolutely no plans. beau and i talked about hitting a movie and he’s making some special meal. other than that, i’m basking in tons of unstructured hours that day!