off to new york

love notes
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heading up there to hit the gift show and shoe show today and tomorrow. looking for fun, new, fabulous, fair trade (when possible) pieces for our studio’s tranquility boutique. interested in adding a cute shoe or two to the TranquiliT collection so i hope to find something at the shoe show.

have been feeling super-tired since my stint in colorado and didn’t have the energy to podcast last night. we’re taking the gear to new york so i hope to record this evening. if not, there may be a week delay while i work to regain energy. i’m not sick but am feeling incredibly low on energy. boo!

best wishes for a delightful start to your week! happy, happy february. how are those new year’s resolutions? i’m sitting on my new meditation cushion daily since my return from colorado! yay! maybe all those accessories do help!