post-holiday musing

love notes
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i apologize for my absence from the airwaves. we left for oklahoma on friday and considering my parents only have dial-up, i didn’t even attempt to make contact with the outside world. unfortunately, patiently waiting for a connection is not a virture of mine. louis the pug, beau, and i returned to dc at 1:30 this morning. it sure feels good to be home. the past few days were a whirlwind of holiday cheer in oklahoma. we arrived late friday, had a book signing soiree on saturday, headed to oklahoma city to spent time with more family for christmas eve, opened gifts with the grandmas on christmas and then took them both home, introduced louis to bison and long horns during a drive through the wichita mountains on tuesday before hitting the airport 20 minutes before our flight.

although this is a very quick run down, there were a few interesting highlights: reconnecting with phenomenal unconventional women that i hadn’t seen in ten + years who resonated with the book’s message, taking a hot bath in my parent’s claw foot tub (i HIGHLY recommend this), watching the oklahoma sky change from reds to lavenders to rainbow (best sunsets), and reconnecting with numerous college memories thanks to garth brooks’ music.

for the past two weeks i’ve been reading and virtually traveling thanks to eat, pray, love and HIGHLY recommend it. however, while at the houston airport yesterday, i came across amBITCHous and devoured half of it on my way home. again, a total recommend that is HOT off the press – was released on december 26. she poses a question at the end based on a question from mary oliver’s poem “the summer day”: tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

as i sign off and begin to pick up the pieces from being away for five days, prepare for year-end, and get things in order for the new year, i promise to reflect on that question and beg you to do the same. thanks for reading, e-listening, and sharing your hip and tranquil souls with me.

(if you sent me a sweet note with “gush over you” in the subject line on the 23 or 24 and one on starting a parenting blog based on the HTC manifesto on the 26th, please resend. some e-mails did not make it to my computer after being checked on my phone and i feel horrible about my inability to respond.)