“propping” up for our move

love notes
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mama is busily sewing 40+ bolsters, meditation cushions, and darling damask eyepillows for our new studio props. the eyepillows will be filled with organic lavender and flax seed. i JUST love the look of the damask. this photo was taken during saturday’s shoot – yay, mama!

yesterday i had a shoot for my next 12-week series for the examiner. the final photo had me crossing rooftops – literally – and doing dancer pose. should be a fun shot.

can you believe spring is right around the corner? and easter? i am so excited to see nature coming to life and i, too, am feeling a bit more in bloom than i have the past few months. it’s nice to have this shift to growth and color, isn’t it? here are some fun spring prep ideas:

* buy some fresh cut daffodils for your kitchen table
* plant impatiens as soon as they hit your local nursery
* clean out your closets
* take a brisk morning walk
* light a lilac candle
* add some splashes of color to your home
* tie a colorful scarf around your neck or handbag
* pull out your peeptoe flats
* keep stalks of bamboo around your home and office to remind you of “greening” and feeling lucky
* eat a pastel-colored cupcake

happy *almost* spring!