tranquiliT smanquiliT

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do you ever have those moments, days, weeks, when it is all you can do to get out of bed and face your to-do list? i giggle nervously about the fact that i know the secret to a tranquil life – regular yoga practice, healthy eating, positive relationships, lots of water, organized surroundings – but yet some days getting out of bed, putting on clothes and getting out the door feels like climbing mt. everest. as the days get shorter, darker, and colder, the desire to hibernate feels natural. i believe it is important to honor these darker times, take a mental health day, and know that a more tranquil path is right around the corner – after you’ve had your chance to rest in bed and rejuvenate the soul. without replenishing the well, there is very little to share with others.

enjoy this week’s focus on gratitude, bringing to light the positive even in the negative. every challenge and struggle has a lesson or opportunity deep in its core. sometimes it is very hard to determine what that could possibly be or you may want to throw up your hands with a “i’m SO over the lesson, please help me out here” request to the universe. it’s normal, we all struggle and i like to believe we’re all doing the best we can. somedays we just don’t have the energy to put our best foot forward, somedays it is better for us to show our best faces to the world by staying in bed! when you have the mindset of “tranquiliT smanquiliT,” know that your yoga practice that day may be curled up on the couch with hot tea rather than eka pada bakasana (one-legged crow).