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drumroll please . . . after struggling to come up with the perfect new name for the podcast, here is a sneak peek at the new name and image! i still *heart* hip tranquil chick but since i’m working on a new book, i felt it would be best to keep the blog and podcast fluid to incorporate future works. hope you love it as much as i do!

3 simple ways to experience tranquility:

1. self-care: take time each day to nurture your spirit through journal writing, healthy bites, oodles of sleep (preferably with an eyepillow, ear plugs, and heaps of fluffy pillows), exercise, yoga, meditation, reading, hot baths, retreats, hot tea, staycations, and writing.

2. seek inspiration: find work you love. moonlight with your passion. walk your dog through the fall foliage. design a dress. crochet a beret. take photos of interesting people, places, and things. sew. paint. dance. draw. doodle. wear red lipstick.

3. surround yourself with positive people: birds of a feather flock together. associate with people who encourage you to find your edge. notice how you feel after spending time with your friends and loved ones. make sure it resonates with who you want to be. find a mentor. create a girls’ group. find people who make you feel fabulous.