tranquilosophy: burglary blues

love notes
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le sigh
 making funny faces during clean up
 treading carefully
 oh the irony
i became enamored with these shiny slivers
last night after a spontaneous dinner and movie date night with le beau, we came home to this mess plus a missing computer. le sigh. we found sir louis running around excitedly and the cats (of course) peering out from under the bed. the burglary took place at 6:12pm in broad daylight with the help of a brick through the glass door. 
our alarm company called as i sat down to dinner and i told them to disregard it as our beloved 4-legged friends have been known to trip it by breaking items. i mean, it was 6:12 pm after all! three hours later we returned to this drama which unfolded with three police and another round later to photograph the crime scene. we slept with cardboard over the gaping hole and, i must confess, it was not my most sound sleep. oh, and i lost lots of material on my trusty computer that we can’t retrieve. deep breath.
however, as we were cleaning up last night, i couldn’t help but smile at these beautiful sparkly slivers of glass and that my pets were all ok. they followed us everywhere last night and were clearly a bit traumatized. le beau and i were a great team making the important calls to police and insurance, changing passwords, comforting the animals, texting photos to friends for relief, and focusing on next steps. 
today i feel a bit vulnerable. a bit nervous to walk le pug at night. a bit violated that some stranger was in my home. a bit put out that my computer with heaps of writing and fun photos is in the hands of a criminal. tonight we have the cardboard replaced with boards thanks to my trusty contractor and the curtains drawn. yet there is a gap and i can hear the outdoor wind chime as if it was in my living room.
i’ve had cars broken into, bikes stolen, and credit cards swipped, but never my sanctuary trespassed. this takes it to a whole new level. while i continue to try to acclimate to back to school and all the change, more change comes my way. it’s a good reminder. life is change and there are always figurative bricks coming through our windows. ah, the lessons to learn and the shiny slivers to gather. 
bisous. x