week in review: early bird got the worm

love notes
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my beloved new pink bike

louis the pug savoring sunshine at local dog park

beloved bonnard up to his morning antics
week in review
hosted bebe shower
indulged in a massage
recorded tranquility du jour tv segment featuring *your* ideas
mani and pedi 
co-hosted tranquil space front desk team meeting with le beau (heart our team!)
rode new pink bike all over town = love
manager meetings
studio manager interviews. seeking perfection.
up at 4am to ship oodles of TranquiliT (yay for sales)
2 days of internship at n street village
gave speech on factory farming
met with washington humane society to discuss do-gooding efforts
taught yoga + meditation class
met with MSW advisor to plan next 2 years
recorded video interview with jen lee for her right brain biz plan
sent endorcement of sara avant stover’s new book to new world library
took 3 yoga classes
celebrated 7th valentine’s day with le beau
dog park time with louis the handsomest pug in the world
weekend wishes
meet 3 new pigs at the pig sanctuary
write 2 papers for school
bask in 3 hours of “living your yoga” workshop with darren main
sip tea at fave cafe in shepherdstown, wv
nap at le beau’s cabin
sit fireside with pile of books + kindle
et toi? xx