week in review: TSF celebration + more

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; 
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Meade

bonjour from beau’s cabin in WV. fire and candles are lit and we’re settling in for a weekend of nesting. my favorite kind. took an insane nap on the ride out here. literally crashed. woke up disoriented. gotta love naps like that. 

this week’s focus was all about tranquil space foundation’s 4th annual celebration. the photos above are from last night’s fete and i’m SO grateful for all the support we received virtually, in person, and via the online auction. 

surrounded by fall foliage this weekend, i have three school projects to complete (le sigh) and an ambitious list of things i want to do that includes art journal, finale tranquility project e-course video, soak in the tub, do yin yoga, visit the pig sanctuary, galavant around shepherdstown, reply to 100+ backlogged emails, TranquiliT website verbiage updates, go through a heap of magazines, nap, hit the farmer’s market, pick up mums for tranquil space, read by the fire, pretty up the inside of my 2011 planner pad, meditate. um, that’s all! luckily we’re here through early tuesday morning so many of these may actually be possible.

week in review:
– prepping + co-hosting tranquil space foundation celebration with beloved steering committee
– sunday brunch with beau. my new favorite thing. 
– sparkly wedding a la parri and quinn bradlee
– dinner party hosting for in-town guest teacher and 2 beloved teachers
– meetings, meetings, and more meetings
– review of studio improvements with contractor. time to paint the walls again!
– 2 yin yoga classes
– 2 gym extravaganzas
– 2 thumb “work outs” with physical therapist
– 2 days o’ internship at n street village
– filed 2009 taxes for 4 organizations plus personal
– led first of many strength finders classes at internship
– began working with first client at internship
– 2 hours of bookstore browsing bliss on tuesday 
– 1 morning of meditation
– my first massage post-surgery. yum!

another week down and so few to go in 2010. hasn’t this year flown by? holiday decorations are now stocking the shelves! i’ve loved getting to know many of you through the e-courses, podcasts, events, and sweet snail mail notes and i’m excited to see what lies ahead.

wishing you a weekend of tranquility. take time to bask in the shifting season – a perfect time for reflection and rejuvenation.