35 IS the new 25!

love notes
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as i was falling asleep on monday night, a light bulb went off in my head. how about a solo sojourn to nyc for my 35th? i sat on it for a day or two and then presented it to beau who had offered to make me a lovely meal. he was totally supportive and even offered to treat me to a return trip home on the train rather than the bus. what a gem! happy birthday to moi. nycers (or lovers of nyc), any ideas on special treats for monday? i think magnolia bakery is a no-brainer, dharma mittra yoga center for some yummy yoga, some shopping at H&M (i love a bargain), a massage at some random walk-up, and some cafe writing time. any suggestions? please share! i hope to have about 12 hours in that lovely city that never sleeps.

for some reason 35 is feeling kinda big. i mean, i did get carded tonight and was over the moon but i realized last night that i started college 17 years ago. THAT is crazy! days are passing so quickly and this makes it uber-important to be content, mindful, and in touch with what makes us tick.

tonight my BFF treated me to a yummy italian meal for my b-day, then she had to dash off so i treated myself to a french flick – priceless. quite cute and a joyful night out. seeing movies alone is oddly empowering. it’s a fun film and the subtitles helped me connect to the lovely french language. au revoir, bonjour, oui, mademoiselle. sooo pretty! too bad i’m a french class drop-out.

looking forward to tomorrow’s design day for jewelry, spring 2009 planning, and sewing!

please tell me 35 is the new 25. i’m banking on it!