95 chemicals on my back!

love notes
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this morning i was “blessed” with a patch test to figure out what i’m allergic to. hmmm. yes, my lips swell when i kiss my canine and feline friends. that’s preventable. no kissing animals. yes, some incense makes my eyes water but it probably has to do with the fact that i burn multiple sticks at once and have a passion for the strongest stuff out there like nag champa. yes, sneezing and watery eyes ensue when the seasons change. but the biggest drama has been the allergic reaction from my lips resulting in inability to wear my fave lip glosses! so, off to the dermatologist i went. i feel like a mummy and twisting (or yoga at all) is out of the picture until i get this mess off in 48 hours.

if you’ve never been privy to patch testing, i thought you would enjoy this photo that shows what 95 chemicals on a back look like. ahh, hope to return to lip gloss in no time. it’s an addiction that i encourage.