a milestone occasion

love notes
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continuing along the theme of “savvy soirees” per last week’s podcast, my beau and i threw a soiree for our fabulous one-year-old… pug! yes, all critters are deserving of celebration complete with candles, comfy food, bubbly beverages, takeaway treats (caramel apple pops in honor of the season and all natural dog treats with “louis” written on them in blue), dim lighting to hide neglected cleaning, and festive tunes. oh, and i must mention louis’ fabulous attire – black tee with tiger print edging and “birthday boy” in rhinestones. my incredibly talented sewer of tranquiliT sent it to louis for his special day and i couldn’t have chosen a more perfect look. never doubt, soiree throwing is not just for humans.

use your creativity, invite friends over, and celebrate life (or the first year of your puppy). happy soiree-throwing to you.