Bloom into Spring Tips

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If you’re feeling ready to shake off winter’s doldrums and transition into spring with a renewed sense of possibility, I see you!

Let’s be honest, the past few months have been tough—from lack of sunlight, to upsetting news, to the constant chill, to a sense of heaviness in the air.

For me, there was the sudden loss of a dear family friend, exhaustion, and hip replacement healing issues.

I knew things had to shift.

After moving through the intense period of grief, reprioritizing, and resting, I’m reemerging feeling lighter and ready to bloom into this new season.

In case you, too, are eager to experience a shift, here are a few ideas:

🌸 Rest—get lots of it
🌸 Spend time with your journal. It can become a close, non-judgmental confidant.
🌸 Practice mindful self-compassion
🌸 Review your calendar and note what feels draining vs engaging. Incorporate more of the latter.
🌸 Focus on what you can control
🌸 Consume less sugar and more whole foods (or stop “eating like a child,” as a friend likes to say)
🌸 Get outdoors and savor sunshine on your skin (with a pop of sunscreen, of course)
🌸 Pay attention to your emotions and physical sensations. They have a lot to teach us.
🌸 Incorporate more movement into your day—dance, yoga, walking, biking
🌸 Learn something new
🌸 Get lost in a book just for fun
🌸 Take 10 deep breaths
🌸 Practice STOP: Stop, Take a breath, Observe what’s happening, Proceed with awareness
🌸 Get clear on your path. Set one-day, one-month, one-year, or five-year goals.

If you’d like to explore more of these ideas, on Saturday, April 15 I’m offering a spring online retreat from 2-4 pm ET. You’ll learn gentle yoga and meditation practices to nourish the soul, ways to detox your mind and body, how to create a wellness plan that works for your lifestyle, and my go-to self-care practices.

You’ll also leave with an action plan to help bring your spring dreams to life, renewed inspiration, and a deeper connection to yourself.

This event includes a gorgeous workbook, two hours of live programming, a one-hour pre-recorded video, and more!

May we continue to bloom into this new season, shed what’s not serving us, and create space for what brings us alive.