Bon anniversaire!

love notes
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Greetings from New York! My beau graciously whisked me away for a weekend of relaxation and celebration for a few days (oh, and to see MADONNA!)

Ahh, 33 years. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes. I know if sounds so cliche but it truly does feel like yesterday that I was graduating from high school and couldn’t wait to embark on college life, exploring cathedrals in Europe post-college, or even working at a law firm as a paralegal years later. These milestones feel like yesterday but some were over 15 years ago! Life is filled with so many lessons, experiences, joys, and triumphs–all of which help craft us into the unique being we become.

I’ve attached a photo taken this morning by a talented local photographer, Greg Whitesell, for The Examiner. It was the first time I got dressed or put on make-up in almost a week. Some bug really knocked my body for a loop. Maybe it was my body’s way of demanding down time. Either way, I went with it and keep hoping to be on the upswing. A little acupuncture and cupping yesterday seemed to help, although I know have polka dots all over my back!

I have so many thoughts to share on this special day but I’d like to focus on gratitude and continue last year’s birthday theme with a list of 33 things:

1. you! truly. i am so grateful to have connected with so many hip and tranquil women around the world who want to lead a mindfully extravagant life.
2. louis the pug. of course!
3. the fact that dreams come true. i recall spending my birthday in mexico 2 years ago writing my book proposal.
4. the excitement surrounding the creation of the tranquil space foundation.
5. excitement in general. isn’t this feeling sooo divine?
6. supportive beau.
7. great friends and family. thank you all SO much for your sweet birthday wishes!
8. the beauty of green apples and yellow tulips.
9. little black dresses and ballet flats.
10. digital photography.
11. the huge role of yoga in my life for the past decade.
12. fireplaces.
13. sumptuous linens.
14. smell and sight.
15. candlelight.
16. black and white print.
17. french pedicures.
18. activist efforts.
19. loyalty, authenticity and honesty.
20. water.
21. flowers.
22. green tea.
23. feminism.
24. freedom.
25. oprah and madonna.
26. the opportunity to write.
27. the joy of entertaining.
28. inspirational readings.
29. warm and welcoming people.
30. the words “thank you.”
31. baths.
32. opportunity.
33. growth through challenges.