happy 4th!

love notes
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wishing you all a beautiful 4th of july. celebrate independence. celebrate freedom. celebrate the woman that you continue to become!

today i taught class and remerchandised the boutique. got a little bug and couldn’t stop. already warned beau that tomorrow evening after our tranquil space foundation board meeting, i plan to conquer my closets. it’s been way too long. uh oh!

home today at 5pm, noshed on some yummy pie, and hope to nap before heading back to the studio for a rooftop picnic and fireworks watching with pug, beau, BFF and her beau. should be a lovely evening. yay for a holiday!

these photos are images of our new studio featuring the earth studio made with cork flooring – note the gorgeous skylights, the tea bar featuring organic teas, and the lotus lounge in the spa.