happy, happy hump day!

love notes
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why do the little frustrations feel so powerful? since returning from a blissful week with fellow hip tranquil chicks, my world has been one rush or frustration after another. AND it’s started each day this week at 7:30am (not my prime hour) with jack-hammering in the alley behind my cozy condo. yes, i know there is a lesson here but i’m too sleepy and frustrated to hear it at the moment! been there? ah, either way i must confess that i’m in good spirits despite the continual challenges (um, i mean “opportunities”).

our new full-time TranquiliT concierge started this week in the showroom. christy is staying on board as my part-time executive assistant and busily training our new TranquiliT gal. we’re gleefully gearing up for the next three days of trunk shows and private viewing of the summer closeout and fall collection. i met with my contractor to go over my been-there-for-a-few-months wishlist that includes a roofdeck. finalized the new fall schedule for the dupont and arlington studios. led a follow-up session to the law firm team retreat i did in the spring. taught 5 classes (3 yesterday – whew!). stuffed (with eco-friendly kapok) and sewed some velvet pillows for the showroom. what a week and it’s only wednesday.

i wanted to share a cool link that a friend passed along that focuses on vision boards. despite scepticism, most people find that making a vision board during a retreat or workshop is incredibly powerful and uber-fun. if you haven’t done one lately, pull out some magazines, glue, and scissors. you’ll be impressed with what unfolds. i did one with the ladies last week and love the exercise. always good to reflect and reconnect with your core.

wishing you a week filled with less “growth opportunities” and heaps of tranquility. hope to see you at the trunk shows over the next few days if you’re local. if not, you’re there in spirit!