inner chic teleclass series launched

love notes
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what fun! last night was the premiere of our inner chic teleclass series focused on chapters 4-6. while we chatted, one caller from sri lanka was sitting outside to get better reception so we got to hear what sounded like monkeys or large birds throughout the call – made it a bit more exotic than the typical police sirens of the city. it felt so good to connect with some fabulous souls from around the world and i’m delighted to share that the forum is almost complete. i have to finalize it and you’ll be able to dive into convos with other hip tranquil chicks on our connect page. thanks to all of you for resonating with all things hip and tranquil. i’m honored to be in your presence. i’m also VERY excited to share some great interviews and podcasts coming up soon. in addition, beau and i are already planning our 100th edition (can you believe that it is only 29 weeks away). sure it seems early, but i want it to be very special. if you have suggestions, as always, pass them along. merci beaucoup for being you! (it rhymes . . . ok, kinda lame but it made me giggle)