Joyeux Anniversaire Beau!

love notes
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happiest of thursdays to you! hard to believe 2 weeks ago i had a big ol’ surgery. feel good as new despite having to tote my new “accessory” at all times.

today is beau’s birthday. j’adore birthdays. he’s like “whatever.” got out of my internship early so we were able to indulge in a fun lunch complete with a sparkler. gotta love it. sparklers make everything more fabulous. miss not spending 24/7 with him as we did in august.

yesterday i returned to my office and overgrown pile on my desk. however, as i weeded through the papers and packages, i was *stunned* to find the sweetest notes, get well cards, framed images, chocolates, and notecards from readers as far as austria. OMG, merci, merci, merci. i don’t think i’ve ever felt such overwhelming and unexpected love. most of you were like “i’ve read for years and wanted to say . . . ” well, all i can say is MERCI for making me feel soooooo special. handwritten cards forthcoming. i’m still in shock and *beyond* grateful.

as i noted above, i’m now at my internship at n street village and so excited about the organization. the past 2 days have been orientation and it is truly delightful to see the great work they are doing coupled with the great way they do it. BIG focus on hospitality and super well run. i’m going to learn so much AND my hope is to contribute so much over the next year. they are big on self-care, too, which is key to all – especially those in helping professions.

wishing each of you a gorgeous evening. i return to teaching tonight and am very excited. my last class at tranquil space was late may and that is the longest i haven’t taught in 11 years! so much transition, healing from surgeries, school . . . life, right? ideally, with doses of tranquility sprinkled in!

much, much love. thank YOU for making me feel special. and, happiest of birthdays to beau. xx