Life Lately

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It’s been awhile since I shared a “Life Lately” post, so I wanted to give an inside peek into my current reality.

What I’m reading:

* Just finished this month’s online book club pick (loved it!) and get to start a new book tonight. TBD.

Where I’m struggling:

* Decluttering (SO many books, plants, pets, pens).
* Carving out enough time to write and create.
* Saying goodbye to my office (move out on Friday since I’m all virtual right now).
* Inability to plan (I know you can relate).
* Missing seeing people in person, traveling, and attending live events.

What I’m working on:

* TDJ Lifestyle Ecourse.
* TranquiliT transition to “TDJ by Kimberly.”
* Next TDJ Live.
* Next book.
* Streamlined space.

What’s delighting me:

* Pug snores.
* Hydrangeas from the farmers’ market.
* Hanging plants in macrame holders.
* Gizmo’s smooth recovery from Monday’s surgery.
* Daily ballet classes.
* Sipping Stash Moroccan Mint and Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose iced tea (blended).
* Time in my journal with washi tape and Crayola markers.

What I’m wearing:

* Uniform: 2in1 fitted top with a comfy bottom, a leopard-print scarf and face mask.
* Cruelty-free red lips, eye liner, and waterproof mascara (video).
* Loving this face oil (helps my rosacea and eczema).
* A dab of Tranquillité parfum oil.

What I’m eating:

* Green smoothies (video).
* An abundance of chips and pico de gallo.
* Meals from Purple Carrot.
* Nuggs (Tim and I are obsessed).

What I’m listening to:

* French jazz playlists like this Spotify one.

What I’m grateful for:

* Virtual ballet classes.
* Family’s health.
* A tranquil space to work.
* This online community.
* Breath.
* Insight Timer meditation app.

What I’m watching:

* Documentaries: Ultrasuede, Chasing Trane, I am Not Your Negro