My 5 Daily Must-Haves

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1. My Daybook and Pens

This is how I declutter all the things whirling around in my mind. Email so and so, do this, mail that. I document my daily to-dos and appointments plus week’s projects on the weekly spread. I pen dreams for the year and each month. I strive to incorporate various tranquility tools into my days, weeks, months, and seasons. The latest edition released on Thursday and we’ve already sold through more than half of the stock. If you’d like one, pre-order your copy.

I have numerous reused jam jars stuffed with pens on my desk, tote at least 10 in my bag, and can’t read or organize without one in hand. Papermate Flair and Jetstream are my two favorites.


2. Face Oil and ideas books

I’m newly obsessed with this Glowing Beauty oil by From Molly with Love. It reminds me of Linda Rodin’s fancy face oil at a fraction of the cost. Her headache helper rollerball is always within reach and the lavender rose lip balm is a moisturizing delight. Use code TRANQUILITY to save 15% off in her Etsy shop.

A small idea book is always found stuffed into a crevice in my tote. Inside I’ll capture thoughts, quotes, dialogue, ideas, and even take notes in my own therapy session. It’s small, portable, and serves as a quick catch-all when I don’t have my Daybook, journal, art journal, and writing Moleskine within reach.


3. Yoga Mat and Perfume

Daily movement helps clear my mind and open my body. I find myself becoming quite creaky from hours of sitting with clients or at a desk and simply being sedentary. There are pink and leopard-print ones in my condo and I never travel without a mat. This weekend I brought my leopard-print since we traveled by car. If I’m packing for air travel, I’ll fold my black Jade travel mat and place it at the bottom of the suitcase. Voilà, a studio on the go.

I love scents. After college I worked in a perfume store and could be smelled from blocks away. For years I’ve doused myself and studios in lavender—relaxing and refreshing. Yoga without lavender feels incomplete. Recently I’ve also become a fan of perfume oils due to their staying power and silky feel. When I’m getting ready in the morning and before getting into bed, I dab a bit of Tranquillité behind my ears. 


4. Animals

I mean, look at those faces. Yesterday I snapped this photo before we went on a walk in the woods and love their expressions. The only thing missing is Jackson the cat and a pig or two. As I prepare for the Veterinary Social Work certificate program at University of Tennessee, I see my work transitioning more around animals. Their innocence, unconditional love, and lack of voice calls me to action.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.34.58 PM

5. Moments of spaciousness and cups of tea

Lately I’ve been waking up around sunrise and savor this sacred time. I’ll take care of the pups and settle in for writing or yoga with a cuppa tranquility tea. On busy therapy days, I’ll grab my writing Moleskine and head to a nearby Starbucks between clients to put pen on paper and sip iced green tea. During weekends, I no longer book events or make plans back to back and try to create ample space between them to regroup or nap. Space and tea are beautiful when blended.