on bus en route to nyc

love notes
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despite having an unpleasant cough, sniffles, and looking a bit frail, i hopped the bus to nyc today. it was my only chance to hit my favorite design show to get a sneak peek at what’s haute for fall. already sent in some color requests to my fabric supplier, but haven’t settled on the palette yet so this is always a great dose of inspiration. sure, i’m by no means 100% (more like 65/70%), but i’m able to walk, put on lipgloss, communicate somewhat coherently, and very grateful to be on the upswing. decided not to push my luck with a usual whirlwind day-in-ny extravaganza so i’m just focusing on this event and taking an early bus back. boo.

with my book deadline less than a month away now, it’s time to kick it all into high gear and put my focus and energy on giving it my all. i’ve tried to carve out as much writing space as i can over the next few weeks. with writing you need big chunks. it’s not as easy to get into the writing mode between meetings, classes or appointments. not like you can with a quick down and dirty journal entry. speaking of which, i’m putting the final words into my current journal. started on april 15 and finished today. it’s always interesting to bring a portion of your life to close through the finishing of a particular journal. this one was blue, spiral bound, blue unlined pages, and has seen me through an interesting 10 months – studio move, challenging economy, new book contract, move to showroom, 5 year celebration with beau, holidays in oklahoma, teaching at kripalu – all sorts of shifts, changes, and celebrations. i’m grateful for the lessons learned and can’t wait to scribble my first notes into a brand new slate of a journal tomorrow!

what do your journal scribbles have to say?

one final thought from the bus: follow moi on twitter. it’s fun, i’m following martha stewart, obama, and all sorts of other fabulously creative folks!