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speaking at 2009 tranquil space foundation event
photo by the talented sally mannix
wowza. this saturday morning i’ll be giving a 50-minute opening speech to 250 lovely ladies at the 16th annual gettysburg hospital women’s and health conference on my 5 tips of tranquility. le beau and moi are heading to gettysburg tomorrow afternoon and enjoy a few hours saturday perusing the historic town. excited!
joining toastmasters has been on my to-do list for a decade. when i had the opportunity to work with them at n street village by serving as the liaison between our lovely ladies and toastmasters, i jumped at the opportunity. we’re 6 weeks into the program and i’m finding that while i enjoy speaking, i need to organize my thoughts before before launching into my topic. conscious communication
any tips, tricks, or suggestions for saturday’s speech? anything you do or have seen done that seemed to work well? i won’t be using any AV, but hope to pull together a small gift for everyone if time allows. merci beaucoup in advance for any feedback. this is sure to help my vidcasts and podcasts, too!
bisous. x