scents + sounds + cameras

love notes
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incense is burning, my new aroma water swirl thing is a swirlin’, bhagavan das is playing, and my desk is piled high with folders, books, and notecards. barely space for the laptop but i have managed to squeezed it in somehow.

tonight after teaching to a packed house in our new arlington space, i made my second appearance on arlington’s independent media’s weekly TV show. not quite CNN but such fun to share yoga with a fresh audience. i think we need a hip tranquil chick TV show!

tomorrow i get to go under as i’m getting an upper endoscopy. not quite shopping, yoga, or bookstore browsing but it’s not every day you get to swallow a camera. i didn’t know what it was until a few days ago. when i called to schedule it, i said, “my doctor says i need an upper something.” somehow that translated to the appointment taker. then i get the paperwork that says i have to have a companion to escort me home or they can’t perform the procedure. i got concerned. beau googled it and got very quiet. he was like, “oh, you get to rest and they check things out.” there you have it. they check things out . . . with a freakin’ camera! technology is amazing. i should be entertaining tomorrow after my medication!

in classes the past 2 nights i’ve played with a fun transition that i wanted to share:
warrior 1, add eagle arms, bring back leg around to full eagle, back to warrior 2

ok, gotta dash to bed and get beauty sleep for tomorrow’s fun! maybe i’ll top the procedure off with more french fries and hot fudge sundaes!