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bonnard rockin’ his B bling
up at 5:45am for a return back to dc this morning. le beau couldn’t bear to leave the cabin last night so an early morning it was. during the last few hours of sleeping i was having trouble taking full breaths and it’s oddly continued all day long. boo. we hit rush hour so arrived around 9am and bonnard (lovingly named after fave artist pierre bonnard) wasn’t on his perch (damask fluff in photo above) and had food remaining in his bowl. hmmm, that’s odd. after walking sir louis, i returned to find bonnard skulking in a corner with his head hung low. off to the emergency vet we went. 
let me tell you a bit about bonnard. i got him october 1998 after ending a nasty relationship. when i pondered what i would miss about said relationship, the only thing was touch. so a cat it was. during a meditation class, a participant announced that she had 2 kittens free to a good home. over to her house i went and fell in love with the black kitten. we’ve been joined at the hip since. 
he’s quite nasty. they used to call back-up when we visited the vet. he’s OCD about food. was equivalent to a 400lb man at one point. has ridiculous health conditions and requires prescription food that i have to have shipped to chez moi. if his food bowl gets low, he wakes me up by knocking books off the pile by my bed – one by one. i’ve rushed him to the emergency vet 10-15 times over the years for removal of consumed rubber bands, crystals in his bladder, and one time he became blind and paralyzed overnight. he got a cat scan and had to see a kitty neurologist. was miraculously healed a few days later to all of our surprise. basically he’s a BIG lemon. but i love him.
today he got x-rays and blood work – all seem fairly normal so he’s staying overnight with an IV and i’m hoping for a recovery tomorrow. last time he was like this and got an IV, he returned like a kitten and (almost) even played nice with others – it was thanksgiving after all. 
please send good thoughts to this ridiculously loved kitty. he means well, he just doesn’t know how to show it!
in love with bonnard,
kimberly x