sweet surprises

love notes
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last night was a surprise party for a dear friend who is also a huge sex and the city fan. her birthday cake said “sue and the city” and had a post-it note with “happy birthday sue” on it. if you’ve seen the post-it note episode, you get it. too clever. it was a lovely evening filled with laughter, discussion of our embarrassing passion for rock of love 2, yummy dining and tea sipping – the restaurant actually has a tea sommelier!

as we gear up for the transition to our new home (anticipated opening date of may 2!), it’s so important to have nights like this that allow for a brief respite from the oodles of decisions and challenges that present themselves daily. click here for a glimpse into the ongoing developments of our new home – including the latest youtube video unveiling the three studio names: earth, bamboo, sky!

many people have asked if this was my vision when i began teaching in my living room. i wish i could say i’m that strategic. tranquil space and my other babies have grown organically into what they are now. i continue to try to define my overall vision but with life happening so fast around me, it can be hard to clarify it. instead, i plug away with ongoing goals and this allows me to stay on track with moving forward. stagnation is one of my biggest fears.

continue to search out sweet surprises along the way. a post-it left for a loved one (that isn’t breaking up), a compliment, an offer to assist, a pat on the back, a canceled appointment that leads to open space, the bloom of a tulip, the smell of a lilac candle – all these are true treats to offer and receive while life continues to spin around us.