TDJ Tools: A PDF + A Story

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Today I woke up slowly and felt good after playing catch up on some missed zzzzs. Walked the pups, made tea, and was about to make my go-to Ezekiel toast with vegan cheese when my morning crumbled. The frozen bread stuck together and then broke apart into chunks. No big deal except that was my last two pieces. I tossed them into the trash, said something about now not having anything to eat as Tim observed the meltdown with surprise, and proceeded to pout as I made my green smoothie.

Okay, let’s be honest, this is not something to ruin a day over. However, I could feel mine crumbling in that moment. Clearly my well is not full if broken sprouted grain toast sends me over the edge. So, I scooped up Gizmo and headed to the bathroom to soak in the tub and regroup. Once out, I felt 50% better and more prepared to conquer the 12-hour day.  I rescheduled a morning appointment to open up space, and have handled a few projects with Gizmo snoring on my lap.

I still feel remnants of my less-than-stellar mood, so I’m going to pull out Year of Tranquility and look through the the Daily Tranquility Tools to see what’s missing or that I need an extra dose of. Since being enveloped in warm water, getting dressed (hello, uniform), and establishing the day’s goals made such a difference, imagine what even more attention toward well-being could make.

Sometimes all it takes is one email, an offhand comment, or a look to send our days into a spiral. When our self-care wells aren’t full, it’s harder to bounce back. I know this and teach this. Yet I still struggle with this, too, at times. I mean, Exhibit A.

I’ve (well, my talented graphic designer) pulled together a 16-page Tranquility du Jour Sampler PDF complete with 32 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal Tranquility Tools PLUS a Monthly and Weekly layout. This gives you a taste of what lies within Year of Tranquility and Tranquility du Jour Daybook.

Released in 2019, these two books are filled with tools, checklists, and inspiration to live with more tranquility. They contain practices I use to regroup, reflect, and dream AND come with multiple bonuses including a one-hour online workshop called Planning 2020 TDJ Style happening on 12/29. Invites are sent to those who fill out the bonuses form on either of these book pages.

While no day is perfect, my hope is that these books and practices help set us up for success and provide a roadmap to get back on track when our breakfast breaks into pieces, we get stuck in traffic, or receive disappointing news. One step at a time. One regroup at a time. One kind word to ourselves at a time. Bisous. x