Tips on Tranquility {Video}

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Earlier this week I was a guest on Selina Rose’s Facebook Live show and here’s the video.  We talked style, Hip Tranquil Chick and Tranquilista, social media scrolling, living life on our own terms, the definition of tranquility, and more.

After she sent it to me and I hit play, I was like, “what’s up with all the blinking?!” Sure, I have dry eyes and my allergies have been intense lately, but oh my! May I recommend listening, rather than watching because your eyes will probably start blinking.

Also, a funny thing happened the morning of the recording. Before taking Gizmo to the oncologist for a check up (clean bill of health, by the way), I lost my patience with an influx of gray eyebrow hairs and grabbed my tweezers.

While plucking away, I unfortunately shed a few brown ones and was left with two little bald patches. Without hesitation, I reached for my eyebrow shadow circa 20+ years ago and went to town. When I came out and showed Tim, he called me Benicio (after the handsome Del Toro). We had a good laugh, so, again, listening may be your best bet!

Hope you enjoy this interview . . . and aren’t too distracted! Bisous. x