today’s the day!

love notes
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alrightie all, i’m off to bed before getting back up to conquer the rest of the manuscript. please send lots of good writing thoughts today as i tighten the 40,000+ word content and work to really make it sparkle. thanks for all your well wishes and support during this journey on sharing tranquility in an oh-so-modern-gal kind of style.

this week’s podcast is coming monday (if i still have any steam left) or tuesday. sorry for the delay but the clocks a tickin’!

best wishes for a beautiful start to your week. may you begin to see the fruits of your labor play out as i know many girls are graduating, finishing up semesters, gearing up for summer time vacay, planning events, and making efforts to live more creatively. here’s to each of you and the power of living in hip AND tranquil fashion!