will box for bliss

love notes
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can you stand these gloves? just ordered them. have been toying with returning to a class ever since i showed up in my silver pumas and kickboxed with a dear friend a few months ago. such fun, such a workout, and made me feel super-tough. then i came across these PINK gloves and i’ve been thinking about them daily ever since. so tonight i stopped into a nearby boxing gym after a tranquil space foundation meeting, got the scoop, ordered my gloves, and look forward to hitting a class next week. i kept saying to the people assisting the “odd girl with sparkly eyeshadow and lots of questions” (ok, that was MY interpretation of what they were thinking), “i’m so excited to take class – i found these really great pink gloves!” the buff guy was like, “um, that’s great – get the 12 oz ones.” poor thing – has no idea what he’s in for!

my macbook air decided to take a break from offering moi a working hard drive so i’ve felt a bit displaced today. using one of beau’s old laptops while mine is serviced and don’t have access to all my e-mails, documents, files, etc. random e-mails trickle in through a gmail account he set up, but i’m not a gmail girl and the whole thread thing throws moi for a loop. i miss my beloved macbook air. i will gratefully await its return with a working hard drive on friday! despite my best laid plans, these technological delays set back my long list of to-dos but tomorrow is a new day. isn’t that what scarlett o’hara said?

my focus continues to be on spaciousness and i’m consciously seeking it on a daily basis. i love this notion of staying attune to a word that resonates. makes for a great mantra. alas, maybe i’ll find it while boxing in my new pink gloves!