yoga as a lifestyle

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“what lies before us and what lies behind us is nothing compared to what lies within us.” ~ emerson

tranquil space is a lifestyle-focused yoga studio that serves to enhance lives on and off the yoga mat. but what does this really mean? having reflected on this a lot recently, i wanted to share the evolutionary process. six years ago when i went through my first teacher training, i consciously decided that i didn’t want to become a yoga teacher who leads students through a series of poses and then simply sends them on their way. so when i began inviting strangers into my living room to practice, i knew i wanted to offer them more – ways to live life more fully, ways to explore their creative side, ways to connect with other like-minded washingtonians, and ways to find their edge.

the incorporation of yoga principles off the mat becomes a lifestyle – a way of life that reflects a person’s values and attitudes. by viewing yoga as a lifestyle, i began to explore how best to teach yoga off the mat in a way that allowed students to find their own path and personalize it. practicing yoga may simply be moving through the poses when you first come across a yoga mat, but the practice also lovingly teaches connection to the more subtle aspects of yourself. for example, yoga has helped me become a much stronger person, both physically and emotionally. yes, chaturanga seemed like an impossible feat at the beginning, now i can’t imagine life without it. yes, having to initiate an uncomfortable conversation has never been easy, but somehow yoga has helped empower me to do so. also, by paying attention to my truth (satya), i recognize the alternative – i’m uneasy about something but not being authentic by ignoring it.

yoga is not about perfection, judgment, regret, following blindly, or a belief that there is only one way. yoga is personalized for every practitioner and that is the beauty of the practice. yoga as a lifestyle is about authenticity, making value-based decisions, empowerment, self-study (svadhyaya), compassion, presenting your best self to the world, passion, intention, moderation (brahmacharya), and self-nurturing.

tranquil space is a special haven where i hope others will be inspired to live life in a way that shines. after all, that is why you are here, to shine as brightly as possible! you were drawn to the practice for a reason and i encourage you to explore this deeper. the mission of tranquil space is taking principles of yoga out of the studio and into daily life. i believe this to be so important that tranquil space offers workshops that help you explore your practice in areas such as money management, conscious cooking, and even knitting. some teachers laughingly confess that they live their yoga through self-care practices such as pedicures and massages!

continue your exploration of yoga as a lifestyle and enjoy the constant evolution of it. relish in the notion that you are challenging yourself in subtle and overt ways every time you step onto the mat. honor the intentions and dedications that you create. begin each day with the one-pointed focus we seek in yoga, and end each day in gratitude. unleash your unlimited potential within as a first step to embodying yoga as a lifestyle. let your yogic lifestyle be as unique as you are. embrace the teachings, hold onto what resonates with you, and continue to live your life one pose at a time.