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HTC: December 31, 2005

Greetings! Welcome to the 13th edition of the hip tranquil chick podcast: a girl’s guide for living a luxe lifestyle on and off the yoga mat. Back in the Pink Palace, Washington, DC.

Today’s podcast is on setting intentions in the new year, along with a soothing pose of the podcast that helps detox a body full of holiday sugars, and more festive podsafe music! View our shownotes at hiptranquilchick.blogspot.com.

To get 2006 started on the right foot, use the following 3-part hip tranquil chick practice:

1. Reflection

2. Intention

3. Action

  • set goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time bound.
  • make a collage, list out actions, draw, paint your “ideal.”
  • put ideas on notecards.
  • reward progress–a few of my fave “rewards” include: hot baths complete with lush bath bombs and a tall glass of water with lemon to sip, browsing at a bookstore, walking my dog through rock creek park, a restorative yoga practice, eating a meal that nurtures my insides, dancing to Madonna’s latest tunes, sharing ideas over herbal tea with a good friend, a massage or pedicure, taking a new class—hip hop, knitting, sewing, ballet.

Pose of the Podcast: thread the needle

Closing: Share your thoughts, needs, and suggestions from your hip tranquil chick path with me at kimberly@tranquilspace.com. Visit tranquilspace.com and hiptranquilchick.com for additional sources of inspiration.

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For my West Coast listeners, I’ll be in San Francisco over MLK weekend (Jan 13-16) at the YJ conference showing the tranquiliT line. Come down to the Hyatt Regency and see me!

Closing track: Snow Drop by Steffen Coonan. You can learn more this week’s featured artist, including how to get more of their music, at the podsafe music network.

Thanks for joining me for the 13th edition of the hip tranquil chick podcast. Namaste, and happy new year. May this be your best year yet!

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