Musings on the 500th Podcast Soirée

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Tranquility du Jour podcast fun facts

Started 15 years ago in September 2005 while at a wedding in Mexico, we’ve had over 3 million downloads, shared 500 episodes, and the podcast has been downloaded in 91 countries over past 3 months.

Sunday’s experience

Sunday Tim, Mookie, and I started the day at the farmers’ market picking up a few essentials—peaches, heirloom tomatoes, Bibb lettuce, lilies. After a drive through the West Virginia mountains, we spent the rest of the day prepping for the 500th Podcast Soirée—Tim immersed in the tech set up (three computers, two mics, one phone) and me tying a bow around the programming.

I read and reread all your great questions and comments on what would make the 500th episode special. Thank you for all your generous contributions! As we got closer to the start time, I had that jittery feeling I get when hosting events. It’s a twinge of excitement mixed with anxiety about wanting to create a meaningful experience (and, always, will the tech work?!).

When we hit “start” and I saw so many familiar faces and/or names joining us, I knew we were going to have a good time. Jamie Cat Callan—our most downloaded podcast guest—joined us for a surprise appearance to share innovative scarf-tying tips while Tim and I spent the rest of the Soirée reviewing the past (learn my favorite episodes/takeaways), discussing the present (hello, COVID), and sharing the future (transitioning TranquiliT to TDJ and phasing out international retreats after Paris 2021 and Italy 2022).

We culminated the celebration with an inspiring reading by John Lewis and a toast before staying together another 15 minutes to answer any remaining questions.

Since I wasn’t able to read the chat box during the event, I’ve saved it and went through it line by line today. You all LOVED Jamie’s tutorial, enjoyed the capsule wardrobe podcasts (more to come) and Tranquility Tour podcasts, accepted my Olive Garden and Garth Brooks love with kindness, expressed excitement over a TDJ Tenets e-course and podcast series on aging, asked for more YouTube/Pink Palace videos (forthcoming), and said SO many kind things, thank you!

As noted during the show, two big topics that I didn’t get to and will prioritize are aging (so much to say) and sharing a day in the life. Stay tuned!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us in person and in spirit. For those of you who registered for the live event, stay tuned for an exclusive love note coming to your inbox shortly.

Here’s to 500 more episodes, ongoing evolution, and sprinkling tranquility into our every day! Thank you again for joining me on (and listening to) the Tranquility du Jour journey. Bisous. x

PS Enjoy this jazzy 500th Podcast Soiree Spotify Playlist, video replay, and podcast replay.


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The last photo is me the morning after. I look like I had a big night out despite the fact I sipped sparkling water and was in bed by 11. That Besos lip gloss by Stila and waterproof mascara by Wet n Wild sure do last!