seasonal podcast: 8 spring petals

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Dearest lovers of tranquility:

Thank you for tuning in today for the Tranquilosophy {my made up philosophy word} Seasonal Podcast {especially those of you from across the pond. Yay UK represent!}. Below you’ll find the 8 Tranquility Tools Petals plus your reflection piece. Missed the call? You’ll find it available for download here. And, it includes a 20% off TranquiliT shopping code.


a.    Name a few highlights so far this year?
b.    How are the first few days of spring feeling?
c.    What do I want to see bloom in my life by mid-June?

8 Tranquility Tools Petals:

1.    Morning routine {daily}
2.    Mindful movement {+ stillness} {daily}
3.    Eat your veggies {+ sip green juice} {daily}
4.    Plan week’s MITs {weekly}
5.    Clear clutter: mind, spirit, home, time {weekly}
6.    Take an artist date {weekly}
7.    Read 2 books {monthly}
8.    Craft month’s dreams {monthly}

Wishing you and yours a beautiful launch into spring. Join moi on the journey via our online book club, on a retreat, at a workshop, or upcoming pop-up. I look forward to connecting. Bisous. x