Tranquility du Jour #405: Creating with Purpose and Saving the Elephants

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Creating with Purpose and Saving the Elephants with Diana Argueta. In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, Diana and I discuss her move to Nepal, work for the elephants, and activism through art. Learn how you, too, can help captive elephants in Asia and beyond.

Tranquility du Jour #405: Creating with Purpose and Saving the Elephants


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Featured Guest: Diana Argueta Sinclair


Born in 1979, Diana grew up in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She obtained a BA in Political Science from Universidad Rafael Landivar and a Master’s Degree in International Politics and Law from Universidad Francisco Marroquin.

Diana worked for multinational companies and international cooperation agencies until 2012 when she married a career diplomat and moved to Nepal. As a teenager, she dreamed of joining an organization that saved wildlife.  That longing became real when she started volunteering for Nepali non-governmental organizations that help endangered wildlife and protect nature.

With a passion for travelling and photography, Diana has visited over 30 countries throughout her life.  After surviving the Nepal earthquake of April 2015, an unexpected change took place and Diana found solace in creativity and art. She now dedicates her time to her small business project and animal welfare activism while sipping tea and listening to her favorite podcasts.

You can check out her creative work on Instagram at Elephant Soul Crafts.

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