Tranquility du Jour #337: Writing + Yoga

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Bonjour. Welcome to the 337th edition of Tranquility du Jour: Writing and Yoga. Today’s show features leader, writer, and speaker Jennifer Schelter. Be inspired by her mindful strategies for living, use of various modalities in her work, and the importance of writing and yoga.



gs13066_105 2Featured Guest: Jennifer Schelter, Founder, Radiant Retreat – Leader, Writer, Speaker.

For 17 years, Jennifer had supported over 65,000 women and men from Wharton Leadership and Management Programs, Fortune 500 Companies to breast cancer patients (Co-Founder of Yoga On the Steps for Living Beyond Breast cancer in Philadelphia, Denver and Kansas City) and individual clients as a retreat leader, speaker, yoga instructor, mindfulness-based life coach, writer, actress, and entrepreneur.

She is the founder of Mindful Strategies for Living, the premier Yoga Schelter studio, Yoga Unites non-profit, producer of “am awake” CD and “The Art of Vinyasa Yoga” DVD and the internationally recognized Radiant Retreat to Tulum, Mexico.

Currently the yoga instructor & life coach seen on Zliving TV reality show Natural Reboot Named “Best of 2014” Philadelphia Magazine’s Be Well Philly (as the cover model), and “One of the Most Inspiring Philadelphians” by US Airways Magazine.

Every day, Jennifer empowers and inspires health, wise performance, and creativity through mindful practices including meditation, Vinyasa Yoga, journaling or writing for clarity and self-discovery. Jennifer enhances and champions the intersecting awareness of the mind and body. Clients report inspiration, clarity, new strategies and actions, as well as appreciating and accepting their potential and themselves in new and fulfilling ways.

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Diane: Hello! Just listened to a few podcasts – love them! Would love to see more about books your reading, your clothing & accessory style and yoga! Thanks for sharing about the The 5 Minute Journal, I have been looking for a way to develop a morning routine.

Melanie: Anything that deals with navigating our hectic lives, bringing in beauty and tranquility, not getting overloaded with our insane to-do lists (self-created usually!), living lives that are not always society’s idea of what a woman should do (eg I’m in my forties, single, living alone with pets – not planning on having children so I’m outside the “norm” – but I’m really happy!). Figuring out how to be successful while bringing yoga with us – ie you don’t have to be a bitch to succeed or wear a power suit and you can still like pink! More ideas on wearing the TranquiliT collection. The creative process – making time to be creative when we have so much we “have” to do, that by the end of the day, all we want is to binge watch something on Netflix.

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