Tranquility du Jour #353: Wild Women, Wild Voices

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Wild Women, Wild Voices with Judy Reeves. Learn how to deal with your critic, write about your shadow side, and tap into your senses with writing.


Enjoy this Washington Post article I mention about the Celebration for the Turkeys event.

Featured Guest:

Judy Reeves is a writer, te1652acher, and writing practice provocateur who has written four books on writing. Her work has appeared in magazines, journals, and anthologies and on the spoken word compilation First Friday: Year 3. She has edited several books and chapbooks, including Brown Bag Anthology, a collection of writings from the first five years of her writing practice groups at The Writing Center, a nonprofit literary arts organization, which she cofounded.

In addition to leading writing practice groups, which she has done for over seventeen years, Judy holds private workshops, teaches at University of California San Diego Extension; San Diego Writers, Ink; and writing conferences internationally. She is a regular speaker at the Southern California Writers Conferences, where she is especially known for her lively, late-night Rogues read-and-critique workshops. In 2004, she cofounded San Diego Writers, Ink, with a committed group of volunteers, and served as its executive director.

Born in the Midwest, Judy has traveled throughout the world. She is forever grateful to her father for bringing their family to San Diego, where she currently lives.

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