Tranquility du Jour #413: Transitions with Elizabeth Duvivier

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Transitions with Elizabeth Duvivier. In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, Elizabeth and I discuss her handing over the reigns of Squam after 10 years, the challenges of letting go, and the importance of knowing when it’s time to move on.

Tranquility du Jour #413- Transitions with Elizabeth Duvivier


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Featured Guest: Elizabeth Duvivier

 ELIZABETH DUVIVIER began teaching at the Lycee Lavoisier in Paris when she was 19. That was also the year she learned that she loved endives with beets, was allergic to ouzo and how to scale the wall of her apartment building in high heels. Over the years, she has taught French to high schoolers, Creative Writing to college students and how to live a mythic life to people from around the world.

Admittedly, the strongest call in her life has been to help others reconnect with their creativity but after building and running Squam Art Workshops for ten years, she is now keen to spend sacred time writing and messing about with mixed-media. Her stated intention is to achieve this with a complete absence of an agenda, itinerary, playbook, libretto or anything that might resemble a plan.

She finds nothing incongruous about her love for the writing of Mary Oliver and Tom Robbins; Eknath Easwaren and Asterix comics; Edith Wharton and Scarlett Thomas; John O’Donohue and anyone who can make her laugh.

And, she is confident that it is only a matter of time before Durga returns to set the world to right.

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Doesn’t the fact that one has managed to create something—
though it may seem to have had no other impact—mean something in itself?
Does not that alone say something and promise something?
Does it not thus expand the range of what can be done, and of how far one may go?

Every work of the spirit is a small reenactment of the miracle of Being,
a small recreation of the world—and is not this essential and unique transcendence
of its material existence enough to guarantee it a lasting place in the history of
spirit and lasting participation in the “spirit” of the order of the spirit— that
special attempt on the part of Being at its own great re-creation?

To sum up: I’m convinced that each spiritual act is an integral part
of the order of the spirit, that the order of the spirit is present in
each act just as the entire river is present in an eddy, and that every
such act irrevocably alters the order of the spirit, just as every eddy,
though it may last no more than a minute,
has irrevocably changed the river. 

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