a closet miracle

love notes
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i couldn’t take living out of tiny hat boxes any longer. sure i have an entire wall of closet space, but it is my only storage space in 600 square feet so it also holds luggage, roller blades, gift bags, beach wear, linens, and my shoes. shoved inside multiple hat boxes were undies, camis, leggings, legwarmers, socks, stockings, and lounge wear. as you can see, the hat boxes were bursting at the seams. during yoga class on friday night, i had the grand idea of transferring all the product into a real life dresser. unfortunately there is no space in my boudoir for a dresser so i would have to make space in the closet. easy enough. headed to ikea, napped while beau put the beast together, off to some friend’s for v-day dinner, home at 1am and up until 3:30 am organizing it. topped the adventure off with scented damask drawer liners (see photo)!

oddly enough, i woke up this morning feeling much lighter. it’s amazing what a little organizing can do for your spirit.

spent the afternoon doing a photo shoot of chez moi, my office at tranquil space, and the TranquiliT showroom to add to this website. a little something to give insights into my creative spaces. there’s an amazing book called where women create that served as the inspiration.

gonna lay out the week in my planner pad and host a tranquil space foundation board meeting by the fire. a full day that started with an empowering ashtanga yoga class! not bad for six hours of sleep. i’m going to be delighted to crawl under the sheets tonight!

how to have your own closet/cabinet/drawer miracle:

1. observe what isn’t working. during a podcast interview on decluttering and simplifying last week, i looked around my pink palace with a longing to do the same.
2. see the forest for the trees. let go of what you aren’t wearing or using.
3. bring what you are wearing or using to the forefront. easy access, baby.
4. divy the items up into clusters: undies, beach wear, lip glosses, moisturizers, tools, photos
5. get the right tools: a dresser, hat boxes, baskets, bins, shoe boxes, over the door shoe holder (great for accessories, too)
6. voila: bask in your newfound organization – even if it is at 3:30am