Aging with Grace: Makeup & Skincare

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Building off of this week’s podcast on menopause and an overwhelming request for more material on aging, I’ll be incorporating an ongoing series on “Aging with Grace” here on the blog.

In this week’s edition, let’s explore makeup and skincare.

As someone who struggles with rosacea and eczema plus has very sensitive skin (truthfully, everything about me appears to be overly sensitive), I’m an avid lover of products.

And as I age, I want to make sure I’m taking good care of my skin with cruelty-free, pure products that give it a boost. I’m inspired by women like Catherine O’Hara, Linda Rodin, Jamie Cat Callan (who you’ve heard on the podcast), Beverly Johnson, and “Accidental Icon” Lyn Slater. Natural, beautiful, iconic, stylish.

While some people have been buying puzzles or bread baking accoutrements during the pandemic, I’ve been on a face serum spree (and candles and books, but that’s a different post).

It’s funny what we gravitate to for comfort, no?

After a recent Passholder Collective TDJ Pop-Up on Zoom, a participant reached out asking about my lighting and said I was “glowing.”

I had to laugh because the truth is, it’s all about a good camera (I use HD 1080p by Logi), enabling the “enhance my appearance” feature on Zoom’s video settings (it works miracles), and having a good light source (I use a small 3.5 inch ring light that clips onto my desk).

Here’s a video where I share camera ready tips.

Since I’m on video most days with therapy clients or in other meetings such as our Passholder Collective gatherings, I use the full set up mentioned above (although I use a HIPAA-compliant platform for clients versus Zoom) and my go-to makeup and skincare that’s outlined below.

Makeup basics

Waterproof eyeliner by Wet n’ Wild
Waterproof mascara by Wet n’ Wild
Red lips brand varies
Powder by NYX

Skincare basics

AM: Splash face with cool water
Serums by goPure*
Moisturizer by goPure*
Sunscreen serum by Supergoop

PM: Vanicream cleanser
Serums by goPure*
Moisturizer by goPure*

At times I also incorporate Tatcha’s Indigo Cream (pricey but gets rave reviews for my skin issues) or Herbivore’s Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil (also recommended for my skin issues).

Ways to nourish your skin

Invest in products for your skin type
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Use sunscreen
Eat these plant-based foods
Add an air purifier to help remove toxins
Get a good night’s sleep
Get regular facials
Drink green juices/smoothies
Skip (or reduce) sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine
Try satin pillowcases
Reduce stress
Sip green tea
Try a face roller

Having a go-to process can help us glow in an instant.

Did you see the episode of Schitt’s Creek where Patrick tells David how great his skin looks and he’s like, “Oh, it’s nothing. Just a nine-step process I do twice a day. No big deal.” That still makes me laugh!

Prepandemic I washed my face with Cetaphil (now Vanicream all the way), added a thick and shiny Eucerin moisturizer or face oil, and would be on my way. I’ve found that having a process (okay, maybe not nine steps!) has made a big difference in my skin’s healing.

I’ve found that feeling good about how I show up in the world helps my mood. For you, this may be a skincare process, fresh flowers, a cuppa blooming tea, kind self-talk, a new lipstick, or Epsom salts for your bath.

How do you nurture your skin?

Here’s to taking good care of ourselves as we age with grace, joie de vivre, and a moisturized glow. You’re beautiful. You really are. Bisous. x

*Affiliate link—a way to support my work at no additional cost to you. I choose affiliate partners intentionally and only share products that I use and adore.