cupcake confessions

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everyday for the past few weeks i have had to consume a cupcake. not sure what’s come over me. it’s like i HAVE to have one. sunday night i hit starbucks on dupont circle at 8:02pm, only to have it close at 8pm. i was traumatized, pulling on the door, trying puppy eyes with the man behind the counter, basically begging – nada. i walked home defeated sans cupcake.

in addition to cupcakes, i’ve been consuming a lot of soy chai lattes. a diet of cupcakes (who cares about the cake, i just like the top!) and soy chai lattes is not enough to sustain. beau made me a salad tonight so that i could mix in some greens!

attached is a mention of TranquiliT in the latest issue of bust magazine. yay for eco-friendly and fabulous clothing! speaking of which, i carved out 2 hours of creative time this morning and after piddling for an hour, i got down to it. began pondering fall designs. colors are chosen: cranberry, slate, noir, au naturel. i know, i know, who’s thinking of fall fashion when we haven’t even donned spring yet? since my seamstress will be out for a couple of months late summer as a new mama, it’s time to get fall planned. i mulled the ideas over later with my darling assistant and i think we’ve got a good plan lined up. if you have any special requests, do tell!

took 2 hours off tonight to watch the hours with beau. such a solemn flick. gotta do some lighting research. promised my contractor i’d have sconce decisions for him in the morning! our new home on 17th street continues to evolve.