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home is where the heart is but
happiness is where your friends are.

hello gorgeous tranquilistas!
it’s such a treat to see you twice in one week. robyn, our friday guest-blogger, was in need of a favor & i was more than happy to take the opportunity to share my musings on style in the kitchen.

i’m the kind of girl who gets giddy about getting a crate & barrel catalog in the mail—and who shops at anthropologie because they have really cute aprons. there is something about accessorizing my home that makes me feel like a classy and sophisticated woman.

some people say the kitchen is the heart of the home. if that’s the case, i wonder where you begin when you set out to decorate your heart?

make it functional
there are many kinds of women who find themselves in kitchens. you might be the kind who prefers frozen meals and take-out, or you might be the kind who loves to cook five-course meals for a girls’ night in. maybe you are still trying to find your rhythm in the kitchen.

consider your dream kitchen and begin to incorporate elements that bring you closer to that ideal. be sure to accessorize with items that have a specific function and purpose. if french-elements are your thing, consider how fun it would be to use one of these tea towels the next time you hand-dry your dishes.

make it cozy
try to think of ways to make your kitchen inviting. even in my tiny apartment, i find that people often gather around when i’m preparing appetizers or mixing drinks. burning a cookie-scented candle will make your home smell like a bakery, even if the last cookies you made from scratch were in an easy-bake oven.

have extra mugs or glasses on hand so your friends can help themselves. inside your fridge, be prepared for an impromptu gathering by stocking up on chic beverages like these mini pink champagne cans or delicious japanese sodas. outside your fridge, display a bit of your personality with framed family photos or inspiring magnets.

make it your own
take a moment to consider how you might infuse a bit of your signature style in your kitchen decor. i would love to hear your thoughts on how you might make your kitchen a bit more functional, a bit more cozy and a bit more of your own.

photo credit: real simple

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