little sparkles of happiness

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the *hollydaze* are here! as you know, i’m all about the sparkles lately. here are a few items i’ve picked up, fallen in love with, donned, or dreamed of that exude sparkle.
1. sequin leggings. donned these for tranquil space’s holiday fete last weekend. they’re stretchy. i’m determined to practice yoga in them!
2. shiny shoes. these just arrived in the mail today and are sure to put a smile on my face as i shine around town.
3. sequin jacket. picked this up in philly in noir. donned it for thanksgiving and moulin rouge in paris.
4. sparkly beanie. great for bad hair and good hair days. looks vintage and fabulous.
5. big crystal cocktail ring. perfect for everyday wear. goes with everything and makes a statement.
6. barrettes + headbands. fun for flyaways and adornment of your curls.
7. stationery. why not let your correspondence sparkle too?
8. pens. since you’re writing, let it be a festive occasion.
9. eyelashes. festive. not recommended for the law firm soiree, but you’re bound to have fun donning these.
10. glitter. i heart LUSH’s candy fluff dusting powder that in also infused with sparkles. what more would a girl want?
i hope these links and suggestions help you add a dash of sparkle to your holiday and, ultimately, to your every day! please let moi know if i’ve missed your favorite sparkle tip. shine on! xoxo