mid-week musings

love notes
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during my monday jaunt to new york i was lucky enough to meet eco-designer pioneer deborah lindquist. her designs are genius, inspiring, and incredibly fun. check out her website – such fun, sassy ideas. we’ll be hosting two “remake what you already have” workshops at the showroom this spring – jewelry and clothing. i love the notion of working with what you have – creating a whole new look from what hangs out in your closet. frugal, sustainable, and mindful!

attention all dc hip hop yoga fans, on friday from 7:30-9:30 i’ll be leading a workshop with ps24. nothing beats yoga to live music, especially with these fabulously talented men (one is a former yogi of the month). come join the fun if you’re free. details at tranquilspace.com.

today i had an interview on channel 8 discussing yoga you can do anywhere. of course i went over my favorite six stretches of the spine. make sure you’re getting yours: forward bend, back bend, side bend, side bend, twist, and twist. these are critical for keeping you supple, healthy, and dare i say happy? take a moment to indulge in some much-needed self care. what does your spirit crave? a little journal writing, a little dance (maybe a lotta dance), a massage, a hot bath (about to take my 2nd one today), a kind gesture to a co-worker, a hug, a smile. do it!

february is a hard month for many people and it’s a must-have to keep your heart center and your spirit satiated.