Oh Accessories

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How I love thee!

Building on Monday’s podcast, let’s explore how accessories are a quick tool for creating your own signature style in a flash (and on a budget).

As someone who enjoys the simplicity of wearing head-to-toe black (and recently took the clothing line to fully noir), I love how adding accessories helps to spice up the most basic tee and legging look. Add a long strand of faux pearls, an over the shoulder wrap, and gold booties for holiday flair.

Truly, they turn your average black dress into a cocktail worthy ensemble (when paired with heels, a faux fur shrug, and sparkly earrings) or a fancy black dress into a more casual chic look (when paired with a denim shirt and sneakers).

And the options are endless!

Accessories to adorn:
  • warm smile
  • brooches
  • socks
  • sunnies
  • scarves (tied in the hair/around neck/around wrist/around handbag)
  • necklaces (long faux pearls fancy up a black tee and jeans)
  • earrings
  • wraps
  • gloves
  • hats
  • bags
  • armwarmers/legwarmers
  • rings
  • umbrellas
  • belts
  • positive attitude
  • outerwear (faux fur, denim, trench coat, faux leather, parka, duster, peacoat, raincoat, cape)
  • footwear (kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, wedges, sandals, ballet flats, tall boots, sneakers, clogs)
  • face masks
  • makeup

When looking for a way to spruce up your style, consider adding a pop of leopard-print, sparkly studs, long gloves, red lips and, voilà, you’re expressing your inner old Hollywood glamour. Bisous. x