online book club launch

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you asked for it, we’re making it happen.
today is the launch of our online book club 
and you chose the book living your yoga: finding the spiritual in everyday life by judith lasater.
look for the “online book club” heading at the lower right of tranquility du jour 
under the listing of my websites. click on it throughout the month to be taken to this post.
to launch, here are a few questions for you to ponder:
1. how am i finding the spiritual in everyday life?
2. what does living my yoga look like?
3. how does this practice affect my relationships with others?
4. where do i see opportunities to grow my practice deeper?
to grow, consider responding to these questions, posting your own questions, and responding to others’ comments. please ensure this is a safe space to share experiences, joys, and struggles with fellow like-minded femmes around the globe.
namaste. x